Discussions on the division of our universities

7 Mayıs 2018 Pazartesi

We started with the referral of the draft law on the division of some established universities to the Turkish Grand National Assembly and we follow the discussions in our respective universities and related government institutions.


Our universities have national and international success, they have a wide and qualified faculty members, they are preferred by successful students, and the success of the students they graduate is known to everyone.


Academic institutions are evaluated and preferred by their historical, tradition, institutional cultures and sense of belonging as well as scientific objective criteria. The creation of this climate is a level that can come up with considerable efforts.


In the world, while universities can only grow and become competitive on a global level, we leave the disadvantageous effects of the division of our educational institutions, which have caught up with the important branding of our country, to public discretion.


We, like every individual who holds the highest interests of his country, express our hope that the deputies of the Parliament, our deputies, will retract the design and withdraw the design in order to make further evaluation possible by all relevant stakeholders and prevent possible unreversible negativities.


Turkish Society of Intensive Care